Two Boys & A Bike Ride

Mike and Derrick's Night of Cycling

Mike and Derrick are good friends.  They have been tight ever since 8th grade year.  They are not acceptionally athletic or popular; and they definitley don't sit at the cool table during lunch.  They are just average Joes. 

Mike and Derrick have been coming to Campus Life since entering High School (because we don't have a Campus Life site at thier middle school, this was their first chance to participate).  Since then, they have been getting closer with our leaders and taking part in small groups throughout their freshman & sophomore year.  They have never been exposed to church or any semblance of Christianity. 

Our goal at Campus Life is simple: begin to share what Christianity is about through building relationships and plug students into local fellowships.  As Mike and Derrick began to feel comfortable at Campus Life they attended one or two big events at their leader's church.  However, these events were all about games and socializing and the boys were highly encouraged personally to attend.  

Things continues this way; Mike and Derrick only showing up to the fun stuff and only when being pursued first.  

Until last month.  Mike and Derrick were hanging out together on a Sunday night when they reached out to their Campus Life leader.  They ask him about his youth group they had consistently been invited to as it was about to start in under an hour.  Their leader encouraged them to come but unfortunately couldn't offer them a ride.  After hanging up with them he made a mental note to encourage them to attend the following week.

Little did he know Mike and Derick got on their bikes and road miles to join the youth group meeting that night!  At this point in the story you may be thinking, "Big deal?" or "So what?"

Well, this is a big deal.... HUGE in fact.  Mike and Derrick who have no background in church OR parental encouragement to attend a local fellowship took it upon themselves to BIKE there.  They called to inquire about youth group and figured out a way to get themselves there.  We can only attribute this to the relational strategy of YFC.  Mike and Derrick feel seen, heard and loved by their Campus Life leader.  They dersire more of the love felt from him and biked to his church to get it.  We are encouraged by this event and are looking forward to engage Mike and Derrick in more regular Church meetings.  

When you give to YFC you make it possible to reach more students like Mike and Derrick.  Thank you for your partnership in this ministry.