The Long Game:                                   Seeds Taking Root: 

  • Jake is a young man who has been involved with Campus Life since he was a freashman in High School. Throughout his young life he carried hurts from a broken home and has been angry yet complacent over relationships and school.

    Jake came to YFC camp as a freshman and went away from the week saying "Not yet" to a relationship with Jesus.

    From there he returned to Campus Life as a sophomore with ambivalent feelings towards Christ. Jake's attitude towards school and family relationships were apathetic. In fact, the only emotion you would ever seeing him express during this life stage was anger.

    Yet, he continued to walk through the doors of Campus Life. He would engage in our topical conversation and listen intently to our Biblical wrap ups. We were encouraged when he signed up for another year of YFC Summer Camp. Happy to have him come be with Christ-centered leaders and hear a clear gospel presentation we helped him fund-raise and complete his health forms.

    Jake made a decision to follow Christ that week and returned home changed. He has been coming to Campus Life regularly as well as attending a local church. His apathetic attitude and anger has faded as he is learning who Christ is and what God created him to be.

    Jake has a long way to go in his journey with Christ. There is so much that he still does not know about the Word of God and how Christians are called to live. However, he is seeking and opening himself up to learning. These three years with Jake have been long; but that is so often the case with our kids. We play the long game.

  • "Jenna" is a Junior at Vero Beach High School who grew up only going to church when her grandparents took her. After they both passed she had very little church involvement and spiritual guidance. Although she describes the relationship with her parents as good, she struggles to be open with them.

    Jenna is wrestling with high school relationships and has, at the young age of 16, already given 

    too much of herself away. Jenna just wants to feel seen, be affirmed and experience real love. Desires we all have that only Jesus can fill.

    Recently, Jenna has been building a deeper relationship with her Campus Life leader. She is coming to her leader's church youth group and taking steps to explore her beliefs. She is not sure if she believes Jesus is the son of God or that he lived a life with out sin. But she meets with her Campus Life leader each week after school where they talk about her life and read the gospel of John. Because of the trust that was built between them, Jenna is willing to listen and learn.

    We are grateful for the steps Jenna is taking. We know that if real transformation is going to take place we need to practice patience, obedience and faithfulness. Our strategy of relational ministry is not a fast process. We desire to build authentic Christ-sharing relationships with lost students and that takes time. However, we believe that with consistency and prayer we will not just bring students to the foot of the cross but walk with them in their new found faith.