Ministry During COVID-19

Young People & COVID-19

Although many believe that kids are loving time off school (with #coronacation trending its hard not to think that), this time has been incredibly difficult for our Campus Life students. There is a large population of adolescents whose homes in regular life are prisons and school is their escape.  In this time, they find themselves trapped in unhealthy environments and have very little resources to help them navigate their situations. 

We also want to draw attention to the lack of structure students have at this time.  Young people need healthy boundaries and structured time.  We are praying that this time away from regular life will not lead them down paths to drinking, sex and drugs.  We all know the phrase: An idol mind is the devil's workshop...well, right now his business is booming.  

So, what is YFC doing to combat the need for escape and structure? 

We are continuing to minister to students virtually by conducting  programs online.  We are also ramping up our one-on-one appointments in outdoor environments at a safe distance.  We are committed to being ambassadors for Christ, sharing His peace, love, grace, and HOPE with those He entrusts to us. The mission and ministry of YFC will continue and we remain secure in the Lord and the assurance that He is in control.


THANK YOU for giving your time, prayers and financial gifts to help us reach more students with the truth of the gospel. 

Please continue to join us during this uncertain time where many of our students are even more at risk. 

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