Small Groups

Ministry Leader Resources:

Campus Life Small Group Curriculum:

We are so excited to launch new Campus Life Small Group Curriculum along with past Curriculum all available below

Basics – a small group about fundamental beliefs 

Brand New – a small group about transformation - Reach out to YFC Staff to download this one!

His Story – a small group about character for young men 

Her Story – a small group about character for young women 

Music – a small group about worldviews 

The G.O.A.T. – a small group the example of Jesus 

If You Really Knew God (HS & MS available) - a small group about the foundations of the Christian faith

If You Really Knew Me (HS & MS available) - a small group about identity, relationships & stress

Discovering Jesus - a small group about the character of Jesus

Wonder - a small group about tough faith questions

The Struggle - a small group about conflict

The Story of You - a small group about your students

Shift - a small group about attitude & character

Love & Dating - a small group about relationships








In light of our current society and the regulations of numbers of people gathering, partnered with continuing to move toward a goal of more and deeper Authentic Christ-Sharing Relationships with lost young people, small groups outside of the weekly club setting are more essential than ever. Small groups allow students to grow closer together, to discover truth, and to hear about Jesus in a comfortable, safe setting.

We believe these materials will equip and empower you and your team to grow and deepen relationships in the small group context and give you the resources you need to facilitate small groups well. Prayerfully choose the material that best fits your group.

 As you lead small groups, we would like you to keep these things in mind:

  • Pray for the students you are inviting and for God to help you lead this group
  • Choose topics that your students are interested in discussing
  • Keep group sizes within standard
  • Plan ahead and work through curriculum on your own before group time – prep for the activities and practice any object lessons to make sure you know how they work!
  • Limit distractions in your meeting place
  • Make these groups very conversation based and make them your own by personalizing them with your specific story
  • All YFC staff and volunteers are mandatory reporters