Planned Giving

There are all kinds of ways to help us reach students through giving.  

  • Donate securities (stocks, bonds)
  • Place YFC in your will or estate plan
  • Property or other assets such as cars.
  • Gifts in-kind (goods, services, etc.)

For more information contact Libby Sanderson at [email protected]

Estate Design Seminar

From time to time we offer our estate design seminar as a free gift to you our supporters.

Most people know that estate planning is important
But many have never been provided a simple “how to” process
This is now available…
…and we would like to share it with you.
We would like to invite you to a unique seminar to learn how to design your estate plan. Perhaps you already have a will, but haven’t revisited it for some time. By attending this free, no obligation seminar you will receive materials and information that will greatly help you in your estate planning process. 
This is our way of saying thank you for your investment over the years in the lives of teenagers. I know you’ll appreciate this valuable input on how to maximize the use of your possessions during your lifetime, and safely distribute your assets at the end of your life. 

You will learn:

  • How to achieve confidentiality with your plans
  • How to totally avoid probate and administrative costs
  • How to lower or even eliminate estate tax on your estate
  • What information to gather for your attorney (and save money doing so)
  • How to choose guardians for your minor children
  • How to avoid capital gains tax on appreciated property
  • How to choose a personal representative for your estate
  • How to coordinate titling of property so your desires will be carried out
  • How to manage assets in case of incompetency prior to death
  • What a trust is and why you should consider using one
  • God’s plan of stewardship
For more Information contact Libby Sanderson at [email protected]